YouTube Workflow Blueprint

YouTube Workflow Blueprint  

This isn't *just* another Trello board training or how-to … 

... it's a 13-PART GAMEPLAN that will transform your YouTube process!

Let's face it: There's ~kinda~ a lot to remember when it comes to your YouTube strategy.  

🗒 Write your script. 

💄Put on make-up (um, shower). 

👩‍💻Research some keywords. 

🎬Hit film. 

🤦‍♀️Remember where your camera card is. 

🎬Hit film again. 


....Upload. Add in those card things. Write the description. Quickly whip up a thumbnail in Canva. Remember to go answer comments. Check analytics. Post about the video on Instagram/FB/etc. Do it all again 6 days later as you work to get in the good graces of the YouTube gods.  

Whew. 😫 I get it.  

STOP the overwhelm and learn how to leverage YouTube like the BOSS you are! 

I'm giving you my very OWN workflow that has allowed me to post videos twice a week consistently. All you have to do is plug and go! I'll walk you through it step by step! 

Normal price: $197  

Your EARLY BIRD price: $97  

Wait, what's are you trying to really sell me?

I'm glad you asked!

Let me show you exactly what you're getting! 

THE IDEA BRAIN DUMP All those ideas? Spill. Throw down all your (brilliant) video ideas. The board even has prompts to get your wheels turning: How-to's, Tips, Trending Topics, FAQs that come in from your audience, and more.

KEYWORD RESEARCH Time to fact-find. Here, I give you a few pointers on my go-to YouTube research tools of choice, so we can make sure that your videos land in front of your audience's eyes. 

TITLES & TAGS We're not moving to the next stage until we make that research concrete, so in this workflow step, I'll remind you to drill down to those 5-10 tags that will get you noticed—and help you craft a working title, too!

SCRIPT VIDEO This one's the money-maker. I'm handing over the YouTube script template—in Google Doc and Evernote format—for you to to plug and play the content that you could spout out as an expert right alongside the carefully chosen research keywords you've found work for your topic.

FILM Mooooving right along, once your video is scripted, you'll drag your card here: this list is for all the videos you have to prep for lights, camera, action. 

EDIT Got those raw files checked off? In this list, you'll tick off the 9 steps I want you to hit up as you edit your video, so we can then move to ...

VIDEO GRAPHIC CHECKLIST Thumbnails aren't an afterthought in a solid YouTube strategy: they're a must. Here, you'll build out all the graphics I recommend you tackle to promote your video as many places as possible, so we can ramp up your traffic and views.

UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE Here, I'll remind you a few keys to keep in mind as you upload your video to Youtube. These 9 more steps make sure not a single basic step of the process is skipped!

OPTIMIZING ... here we go. This list bakes in the 9 secret-sauce moves you can't forget if you're going to play to win when it comes to YouTube. We're not just throwing up content for content's sake: we're leveraging your smarts to show UP on YouTube for the right people.

PUBLISH & PROMOTE The more views, the more valuable your video: as you drag and drop your card over to this workflow list, I'll run down the skinny so you can make sure you haven't left off a single opportunity to sing your video from the rooftops.

+ BONUS checklists to help you grow your reach!


Time to tweak and repeat. You've GOT to see if your audience has responded—good or bad—to your video, so you know what to do more of (and when to pump the breaks). 30 days after your video goes live, use these 7 steps to assess the results.

Completed Researched, filmed, edited, posted, optimized, and studied? Boom. You got yourself a completed video. House your files in this list so you can easily reference and replicate as you build your YouTube content empire.

Thats a TOTAL 8 Master Checklists Need to pull just ONE of these checklists? Voilà. They’re all waiting for you on this dashboard master list of complete steps.

And VIDEO TRAINING to get you started on all things Trello!  

Snag your YouTube Workflow Blueprint today for $97!

Normal price: $197  

It's your turn to step into the spotlight and get your smarts to your audience ... all with an organized workflow humming behind your YouTube strategy!

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Trena, an MBA graduate who quit the "perfect" job because I was bored and wanted to follow my passion of online video and editing. I fell in love with YouTube, soaking up everything I could to really optimize Youtube as a business asset.  

After building two channels of my own, I turned to serve clients like Heather Crabtree, Think Creative Collective, SC Stockshop, The Contract Shop, and Jessica Rasdall—and share YouTube expertise on stages like The Together Experience and Altitude Summit, while contributing to content partners like TubeBuddy.  

Nothing makes me happier than providing one of our 30+ 1-on-1 clients a finished edited video that they are ecstatic about … or seeing the lightbulb go off for my 45+ students inside my signature YouTube Bootcamp program.  

I come alongside female entrepreneurs to help them get their gifts, smarts, and personalities out in the world through the YouTube platform, encouraging them to tackle their fears, educating them to optimize YouTube videos, & growing their confidence every inch of the way ...  

… and now, I want to help YOU!