YouTube Content Planner and Workflow

 “I LOVE the Youtube Workflow Blueprint. Its lays everything out step by step so there is nothing that you will miss. It's like your best friend walking beside you as you create video content. And there are SO many moving pieces to video content! I never knew. Thank you Trena for holding my hand throughout this process. Your videos will thank you.” 

- Sharon Schuler from Elite Mom Planning

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Create your next video with this easy to follow step by step workflow! When you fail to plan, plan to fail!

What's included in this...

  • Prompts to help get the wheel turning for video ideas
  • Tips for keyword research, tags + titles
  • Weekly video content planner
  • Video script templates 
  • Video filming/editing checklist
  • Video graphic checklist
  • My key strategies to uploading and optimizting on YouTube to ensure people watch your videos!
  • BONUS: Trello Training 

 13 workflows that will transformed your YouTube process.

Here's how this works:

  • You'll realize this workflow is going to change your video game!
  • Your free video training for Trello is hosted on Teachable, so you'll create an account if you don't already have one! You can start watching how to map out your YouTube content plan immediately!
  • You will want to get start on Trello right away so if you don't have Trello already ready over to to create an account (don't worry there's also a video tutorial on how to do this!)
  • Inside your training you'll see a link to your YouTube Content Planner Trello Board - watch the video training along with it to add the board to your Trello account!
  • You'll be creating video content so quickly now, you will wonder how did you ever get content out before this planner!

What people are saying..

“This YouTube Workflow Blueprint really helps me keep track of everything in one place rather than all the loose papers and sticky notes everywhere. I loved the checklists that Trena put up on the workflow. These really helped me to make sure that I have everything covered on my Youtube videos and all my ideas in one place!” - Liz Lee from Cellomoji

“Having Trena manage the ins and outs of my channel is a dream—and I’m constantly popping in the YouTube Workflow Blueprint she created for us to see what tasks fall on my plate! She’s not kidding: she really uses this SAME workflow when she serves others … and it’s my dashboard go-to as we’ve grown more than 1.6K subscribers in 10 months!” - Ashlyn, Ashlyn Writes