Here's what you will learn:

  •  The exact steps to take to set up up your channel for success and how to craft a channel plan
  •  The essental branding elements you need to make your channel stand out
  •  How to create a video strategy that will grow your channel and your email list
  •  All the "tech-y" stuff that scares you when it comes to video and Youtube
  •  Exactly what you need to write in that pesky description box to get your videos ranked and more views on your videos
  •  BONUS DAY - FREE Youtube channel audits!
  •  BONUS DAY - My insider tips to DOUBLE your channel views!

How will this work?

  • Every morning, starting May 29th I will drop your daily assignment in your inbox! This should only take about 30 minutes for you to complete
  • I will go live at 2pm EST(on my Youtube channel) to talk in depth about your assigment and answer your questions
  • If you can't make the live session feel free to email me your questions in advance and check out the replay
  • You will have easy to follow steps to get a Youtube channel setup for your business and by the end of the 5 days your channel will be ready to launch!
  • By the end of 5 days you will be building your authority through video content and collecting emails from the second largest search engine in the world!
  • PLUS I will be giving FREE channel audits to let you know how to improve your channel once you have it set up!

Let me know where to send your first assignment!

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