You’re smart, you know you need to be creating video content for your business but you find yourself hesitating to pull the trigger. You’re asking yourself questions like:  

  •  Will I have the time to do all the research for the perfect SEO video ideas?
  •  How long is it going to take to learn all the video production stuff (equipment, editing, production)
  •  How will I know if the time I put into video will even be worth it?
  •  What happens if no one even watches my videos?
  •  Will I need to buy all this fancy equipment I don’t know how to use or even afford!?  

But what if you could… 

  • Post a new video to YouTube and get 100s of new email sign ups!?
  • Have a system in place that allowed you to repurpose videos to #alltheplatforms in less time than it takes you to post to Instagram now?
  • Stay consistent with weekly videos that are meaningful for your audience
  • Stand out in a crowd of everyone doing the same thing as the go-to person in your niche
  • Create videos you know will capture your audience and convert them to clients
  • Impress all your followers, future followers, family and friends with your “pretty sick” video skills!?  

Are you ready to use video as your 24/7 sales team? 

Then you’re ready for... 

The Video For Creatives Bundle! 

A bundle of two of my most popular courses and group coaching program where you will learn EXACTLY how to create highly effective, community building, stand-out-in the crowd videos that will be worth every second of your time!

YouTube For Creatives

The Video Multiplier Formula

Bought together this bundle costs: $1697


(SAVE $1000!!!)



“I've already seen increased click-through rates on other platforms because of these new types of video posts that encourages people to click through. Also, it looks like a professional did all the video editing, not just simple ol' me~ bonus! Trena gives you the tools and skills so that you can go out and really personalize your marketing in an easy, approachable way explaining steps, and tips that won't leave you scratching your head over techy talk. If you are ready to explode across all platforms in a professional yet easy way this course is for you!”  

- Liz, Cello Teacher  

Before this program, not only was video content a scary task for me but figuring out how to fit it into my pack scheduled seemed impossible. Now I'm consistent with my YouTube content, and I can also repurpose this content to other platforms which saves me so much time. And my YouTube strategy helped me make $60K in an affiliate launch while on maternity leave! The power of YouTube is amazing!"  

- Ashlyn Carter, Copywriter

"Since being a part of YouTube For Creatives I've landed countless clients from my YouTube videos, my DREAM speaking gig and I'm finally able to get out my personality on video with confidence!"  

- Brittany, Content Marketing and Repurposing Consultant

With the video strategy I created in YouTube For Creatives, my email conversions have increase and also booked a few speaking engagements due to the videos on my YouTube channel"  

- Vanessa, Pinterest Strategist

"Not only has YouTube For Creatives help me reach 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, more importantly my YouTube videos were seen by my target audience and I booked my very first organization client due to my YouTube videos!"  

- Lindsay, Organization Strategist

“I’ve had my most profitable summer yet thanks to video content! I typically make around $4,500 per month during the summer months, but this summer I started creating video content for my business and the results were amazing. In July, I made around $7,000 and in August I made $11,000! I can directly contribut this significant increase in profits due to the video content I created by learning the Video Mulitplier Formula!”  

- Mallory, Teen Therapist  

Before You Jump Into This Bundle You’re… 

 👎 Wasting all your time on keyword research that won’t even help you get in front of your target audience! 

👎 Watching other people in your niche get booked out, get asked to speak at online summits and conferences and hearing them on all your favorite podcasts

👎 Struggling with setting up a video creation process that you can actually outsource and save you time  

👎 Doubting that you could ever commit to weekly video content on YouTube  

👎 Not even sure if the videos you might be creating now, are even working for you  

After You Jump In? You'll...

🎉 Need to start a waitlist for all the clients that are excited to book you!  

🎉 Understand exactly what videos to create and how to create them to make sure you are converting viewers into paying customers  

🎉 Revel in all the request you receive to speak at summits and on podcasts  

🎉 Set up a system that allows you to outsource your video production to FINALLY have free time in your schedule again  

🎉 Rest easy knowing you have someone to provide you feedback and support to help you make your videos better and even reach more people  

Everything you get in this TWO Course bundle :


This program is part online course, part group coaching and EVERYTHING you need to be successful on YouTube! Enrolling gets you access to ALL the modules below plus WEEKLY live calls with me for the lifetime of the program 😱

MODULE 1: Get Set Up On YouTube

MODULE 2: Create A Solid YouTube Strategy

MODULE 3: How To Professionally Film Your Videos

MODULE 4: Editing Video 101

MODULE 5: Get Your Videos Discovered On YouTube

MODULE 6: Master Your Analytics To Skyrocket Your YouTube Reach



This program provides you all the training, templates and strategy to turn one strategic video into 10+ pieces of content across all your social media platforms! All you do is film the video and plug it into the templates!

MODULE 1: Understanding Your Video Strategy

MODULE 2: Setting Up Your Video Workflow

MODULE 3: YouTube Video Basics

MODULE 4: How To Use Instagram Video

MODULE 5: How To Use Facebook Video

MODULE 6: How To Use Pinterest Video

MODULE 7: How To Use Video On Other Social Platforms

MODULE 8: Set Up An Editorial Calendar and Master Batching Content



Once you join this bundle not only do you have LIFETIME access to the courses but you also get lifetime access to a community of fellow passionate business owners just like you. Below is how we are going to make sure you get the results you work hard for!

A private Facebook Group

This Facebook group is where you will be held accountable to reach the goals you want to achieve. It’s also where you can ask questions, get feedback on your videos and find support when you just hit a wall! I’m in the Facebook group just about every day helping move towards you goals and giving you all the feedback you need to succeed!

Monthly Guest Expert Training

Just creating videos isn’t the end of your business strategy! I want to help you grow your business as much as possible so I’m using my network of fellow business owners to teach you all the other parts like Instagram strategy, email marketing, finances, copywriting, and more! These experts are scheduled every single month and recorded for you to watch live or replay.  

Monthly Coaching Calls

Every single month we have an open coaching call where you get to ask me your questions! These calls generally last around 60 minutes but most of the time I will stay on the call until every single question is answered! Can’t make it live? No worries you can submit your question in advance and you can catch the replay!


By 2020 over 80% of internet traffic is going to be to video content... now is your time to harness the power of video for your business before its too late!

Your Video Journey Begins NOW!

Hurry and save $1,000 because this 2 COURSE BUNDLE DISAPPEARS on Monday, December 2 at 6pm EST! Get it before it’s gone forever!






1 PAYMENT OF: $1697




Step 1: Click the enroll now button and you’ll make your payment via credit card or PayPal.  

Step 2: After you make your payment, you’ll receive an email from me and teachable, where you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. Once you log in you have INSTANT access to both courses! And the link to join the private Facebook group!  

Step 3: Every Thursday you’ll receive an email reminding you about our weekly live call inside of the community! You are now part of the inner circle!

And the best part!? You get to do this all at your own pace because you have LIFETIME access to the courses and all future updates!  

Just self-paced learning, with a community to support and encourage you as long as you create videos for your business!  

Ready to get your 24/7 sales team working?  

Hey there... I’m Trena!  

I’ve been working with female business owners for the past 5 years and I’ve had to opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and some of your favorite creative entrepreneurs to help them create a strategic video plan and workflow that saves them time and drives them more leads!  

When it comes down to it, video is king and if you are avoiding video (specifically YouTube video) you are missing out on a major cash cow for your business. YouTube doesn’t have to be over-complicated and time-consuming, you just need to make sure you are using video in a way that gets you in front of your dream clients and is not wasting your time on all the unnecessary things.  

My passion is showing entrepreneurs like you, an easy to follow system when it comes to video creation so when you do spend time on creating videos, you are getting the biggest bang from your buck out of that video! Because these videos will be your 24/7 sales team, and these videos will drive leads to your business all day, every day!  

Ready to create your sales team?  

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course begin and end? The course is ready to start right now! There is no start and end date for The Video For Creative Bundle. You are granted LIFETIME access to the course, all future updates and the group coaching calls!  

What are the software and equipment requirements for this course? I don’t want you to spend money to create video content! You will learn in this course how to use equipment you already have like your phone and simple budget-friendly equipment options to create your videos. All software I use in this program is software that generally comes free with your computers like iMovie, Keynote and Powerpoint! I also show you how to create graphics and videos inside of Canva as well.

What’s the investment? If you buy the Black Friday Limited Time Bundle you are going to get both of my courses and the group coaching program for $697 and you are actually going to save over $1000 when you pay in full. YouTube For Creatives is normally $997 and the Video Multiplier Formula is normally $697. We also have a payment option avilable as well where you can pay $197 now and then 3 more monthly payments of $197.  

Do I get support, community or one on one access with you? You absolutely do! Not only do you have a private Facebook group with direct access to me and my team BUT you also have weekly group calls with me! We have monthly guest expert session, monthly hot seats and Q&A calls to get all your questions and feedback directly from me!

What is the refund policy? I absolutely want you to be happy with your purchase so we have a full 100% refund policy. You can try The Video For Creatives Bundle risk-free for 14 days and if you aren’t satisfied with the course, all you have to do is show us the work you put in and we will issue a 100% refund. 

What is the time commitment per week? This is completely a go at your own pace program. We've had students committ 2 - 3 hours a week to the program and launched their YouTube channel in 30 days. We've had other students take a little longer because they had other things on their plate. I've create a 30, 60, and 90 day schedule to help you complete to program on your time schedule!  

Do you only talk about YouTube? Nope! So YouTube is just one element to creating a strong business. We use YouTube as our marketing material. From there we talk about email funnels, social media strategies, building email lists along with many other topics to help you build a sustainable business!  

PLUS in the Video Multiplier Formula you will learn how to use my templates for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and countless other social platforms to really grow your reach with your videos!

What’s the difference between this bundle and any other YouTube/Video course out there?  

This is a GREAT question. Absolutly, there are other YouTube courses and programs out there but what makes The Video For Creatives Bundle different is the focus on using YouTube strategically in your business and how to mulitply the reach of your video content on all the social platforms with a workflow in place. This workflow allows you to save A LOT of time and grow your reach a lot faster! There are many YouTube courses out there that help you grow a YouTube channel but this program helps you figure out how to use YouTube to grow your business and repurpose your videos strategically! Plus, I must say, my YouTube For Creatives community has to be the most engaged community out there!